(A)    Tick ( / ) the correct statements and cross (x)  the false statements.

  1. The eclipse of the Sun occurs because the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun. (      )

  1. The eclipse of the Sun occurs during a full moon at night. (      )

  1. The eclipse of the Sun occurs at certain parts of the of the Earth during daytime. (      )

  1. We can watch the eclipse of the Sun directly. (      )

  1. The eclipse of the Sun occurs longer than the eclipse of the Moon. (      )

(B)    Fill in the blanks with the correct answer.

(straight            Moon       Earth      Sun       darker)

The eclipse of the sun occurs when the _________ is between the __________ and  the  __________. And three of them lie in a _____________line.

During the eclipse of the sun, the sky gets _________and __________until eventually it becomes completely dark during the day. 
 * Answer


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